Dog Face Difficulty Eating Tips

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Usually, the animals if we give food to be immediately devoured, we will also be happy when our beloved dog ate heartily. But we also do not be surprised if we get the dog back the loss of appetite, this is caused by several possibilities.

Food is the most important element in our life. Nutritious food is very necessary for the dog to perform the functions of their bodies perfectly. Whatever be the content of nutrients in the food needed by your dog? We will discuss tips on how to deal with difficult dogs to eat.

From the beginning we are planning to have a dog, we have to start to find out about the dogs we will observe carefully, under some tips that might help you.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Before you buy, always ask first about what kinds of foods commonly given to dogs. (Is Dry dog food, whether raw foods, whether soaked dog food, do certain vitamins / supplements apply). Do not forget to ask about the dog food brand, and the price of ecstasy and location of purchase (there are several brands of dog food are not marketed in bulk)
  • Ask also about the habits of dogs, whether they are always free, or at home. Then ask also about diet, ranging from meals (do it once, do it twice, three times)
  • When visiting for choosing a dog, ask the dog is given food to see the response at mealtime. If possible, ask to come on when the dog will be given regular meals as scheduled, so the dog’s condition is not too full because it has previously been fed.
  • If the conditions of a healthy dog, and a good appetite. So we must prepare 500gr – 1 kg of dog food for a temporary supply to farmers. This is done to prevent hunger strike dogs at the time of socialization and transition to a new home.
  • Which is important when the dogs had been brought into the house never pamper dogs. Of course, with humor and attempts to attract the attention of a dog, it is very easy for us to be tempted and provide a variety of human food to dogs. If this is done, then your dog will understand that you, as a master, like a spoiled and begging dog, this will be a record for the dog to always ask for a new food in with a similar action. I recommend not think to do this, especially in the coming 1-2 months the dog at home.
  • If the dog will not eat, or lazy, do not panic and do not directly add toppings food supplement / human food for dogs in the form of meat, etc. into the food. Providing food remains in the bowl and let’s stand for about 10 minutes. We’ll see the reaction if he wants to eat or not. If not, lift the bowl and leave again at the next meal schedule.
  • Wait for at least 1 × 24 hours. Ensure long as the dog does not want to eat, you make it move. By walking and running would be beneficial for dogs to burn off energy supplies in the body. This, of course, will lead to starvation. If after running it, he does not eat, and then he would drink water. It will be enough for him.
  • We will monitor the condition of the dog, if he is weak, and if he is not passionate if he has a lot of dirt and tears stains eyes. If yes, then should we begin to assume that he was sick, and if your dog has not been vaccinated, then we can start preparing for a bad thing?
  • The next day, if the dog still does not want to eat, then we can add honey, and ginger in dogs. Give through the spoon and let them lick supplements. Honey is rich in energy and quite sticky on the tongue; make the dog often to immediately eat something. Enhancing drugs appetite itself has a tendency to increase appetite. If after 1 × 24 hours the dog did not want to eat. We can start standby, but we still will avoid the dog to win the tug-of-war or concern this game. Based on experience in the home of more than 60% of dog food boredom syndrome, because not enough energy is expended dog becomes excess food, however. Remember as long as the dog does not want to eat, we will still offer the same food with the same designation hour.
  • Typically, the third day, the matter will be completed. The appetite of dogs will be back as usual. Perhaps more passion than ever.

If all the above tips have been done but still no change in your dog, it means it’s time to visit your veterinarian. Tell him all the things that you already do, including tips above, it will help your vet take the appropriate conclusions and quickly deal with your dog.

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