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German Shepherd Origin:

German Shepherd / Herder appeared in the late 19th century in Germany and they were first shown in the exhibition held in Hanover in 1882. At that time, they did not look like a German Shepherd that we know today this is because they have a rough coat, short-tailed and rather resembles a mongrel. Sightings harder like now emerging after World War 2. German Shepherd dogs were actually created from crosses working sheepdog in Germany by a former cavalry officer named Max Von Stephanitz which aims to create a working dog that could graze and can run for a long time.

In 1906, the German Shepherd dogs first in exports to the US and since then, the breed became very popular and one of the most favorite breed of dog in the United States as a pet dog and as a working dog, especially for the police. They are widely used for security purposes, for the instincts to protect those who are very strong.

Besieged ISIS, SAS troops Rescued Dog

German Shepherd dog also called German Shepherd Dog / German Shepherd has the characteristics:

  • The structure of the body is slightly elongated, proportionate, muscular and solid bone structure.
  • The nose is generally black, sometimes there is also a blue or red heart.
  • Dark eyes and almond-shaped.
  • His ears stand upright with the wide following and shrink on it.
  • Its fur there are three types, namely a rough-coated, long rough-coated and long-haired. Most fur is black with tan, sable or all black.




Dogs Herder has properties brave, vigilant, fearless, smart, obedient, and the ability to learn very largely. German Shepherd dogs are very loyal, they will not think twice about giving his life to his master. This dog is happy to be close to his family but can be wary of strangers. Herder Dogs should not be left isolated for a long time. They will bark only when necessary. Herder Dogs are commonly used as working dogs and police dogs because they have the instinct to protect a very strong and very loyal to his handler.

How to Maintain a German Shepherd Puppies

The dog must be socialized from childhood Herder.Dogs that are aggressive and attack people associated with the handling and lack of proper exercise. The problem comes when the owner let his dog thinks that he is the pack leader, and does not provide mental and physical exercises that they need to be more stable. Herder dogs need owners who naturally show as the leader of a quiet but firm, confident and consistent. Dogs are stable and well-trained, generally good with other animals and are very good with the children in the family. Instead, the dog Herder whose instincts have never met and have owners who passively would be a dog shy, often restless and may tend to bite out of fear and develop other problems.

Height and weight:

Height: Males 60-65 cm, females 55-60 cm weight: 35-40 kg

health issues:

the breeding is done carelessly can cause hereditary diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, digestive problems, bloat, epilepsy, chronic eczema, keratitis / inflammation of the cornea, dwarfism and flea allergies.

Physical Fitness:

Herder dogs require daily exercise such as long walks, jogging or running beside you when cycling. While walking, the owner must show the attitude of pack leader, the dog. Herder dogs just love playing ball or Frisbee.Every day from 10 minutes to 15 minutes is enough to fulfill the necessary training for the dog. Forms of training can be anything like chasing a ball, catch a Frisbee, obedience training, participated in a dog show or maybe just a long walk / jog. But remember, in every daily exercise should be a walking / jogging to satisfy the instinct of a dog for a walk.

Old Age:

About 13 years

Grooming / Care:

Dog Herder including one type that bristles often fall out. Herder fur must be combed every day or your home can be full of feathers impeachment. Bathe only when necessary, bathed too often can lead to skin irritation due to the depletion of skin oils. Check the ears and cut your nails regularly.

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