Survivors of cancer that was discovered by the pet dog

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Animals have a strong instinct to recognize their surroundings, dogs are one of the animals that have special instincts, do not be surprised if the dog is widely used by the police for her.

A keen sense of smell with a strong instinct to help the dog knows things we do not know, like the story of Lisa Johnson, below.

The unconscious has a tumor in her breast, the life of Lisa Johnson (37) survived thanks to his dog smell. Yes, his dog managed to ‘kiss’ the presence of tumor in the body of Lisa.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (04/15/2016), Lisa initially claimed her body was not fit. He often limp and uninspired undergo daily activities. At the same time, a pet dog, Marley, began to show unusual movements.

If you usually Marley happy to plSWNS_CANCER_DOG_SNIFF_01.jpgay alone, he later became spoiled and not far from Lisa. No matter where Lisa went, Marley will certainly continue to follow. According to Lisa, Marley is always acting weird like this if something is not right.

“He never liked when I was pregnant. Three times I was pregnant and he would always act like this, even before I knew I was pregnant,” says Lisa.

Aware that the different behavior of the dog, Lisa Johnson began to tell her husband, Chris (30), and intend to go to the doctor for a check-up, although not feel the symptoms of the disease. Sure enough, after he checked himself, the tumor has grown in the middle of her breasts.

“I was then diagnosed with breast cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy for a year. I also had surgery to remove the tumor,” said Lisa.

Once the condition has started to recover, Lisa admitted Marley began acting normal and is no longer always followed. He also no longer showed signs of strange like before surgery Lisa. “He saved my life,” he said.

Keeping your dog well, give love and affection, then your dog will provide the things unexpected at you.

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