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Tips: Toilet Training Your Dog

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Crate training a dog should be done because you will never able to stay with your puppy all the time. And like the other creatures, puppy needs to throw their waste like junk and bladder. So, in order to accommodate the puppy’s need and cut your stress in case they will pee wherever they like, you better do the potty training a dog like immediately.

We could say that training your dog, especially this is about potty training a dog, will require consistency in the first place. Other than that, you should add tons of commitment, patience, and also vigilance. In this article we are going to write about the outline on training your dog to the toilet. This should be done in order to prevent any “accident” in your house, even though it is included in the terms of living with pet. Well, here are the tips on toilet training your dog.

Pick certain spot or bathroom

In crate training dog, you should pick certain spot in the outdoor that will be used by your dog to finish their business. And you can use the cue words such as ‘outside’ or ‘go potty’ or whatever in order to give the clue in potty training a dog. Walk around the neighborhood should be rewarded to the dog after they finished peeing and pooping things.

Reward is a thing

Rewarding your dog could be the important thing especially every time after they successfully eliminate the waste on the outside. Give them a treat will be highly preferred. But just make sure that you do that right after they do their good job, not after they get back in home. The timing will be very crucial though, since puppies can be distracted easily. Giving the treat too soon or too late will give kind of worst effect.

Regular schedule of feeding

Feeding is little thing. But this can lead to so many effects. And in order to put the habit of your puppy about peeing and pooping in normal schedule, you also need to put the regular schedule of feeding in crate training a dog. And basically, a puppy should be fed like three up to four times a day. By regular feeding time, it means that the dog will throw out the waste in consistent interval as well. And of course the potty training a dog process will be much easier as well.

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