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A dog is man‘s best friend, many assumed that way. and the fact is indeed a lot of dogs that are kept as a pet. But before we keep it, it would be better to know we used to be the kind of dogs that we fit together.


Generally, there are many types of dogs that are scattered in different parts of the world the characters, races and its utilization. Before you want to keep a dog should refer to all types of dogs here.


Learn about 35 types of world’s most popular pet dog.


1. Hairless khalla



This is one of the dog’s fur with the fewest, according to my research there are 2 types of hairless khala, first is the hairless kalla medio who have shorter legs and hairless khala grande that has feet longer and had a more muscular body and nice set as a guard dog. This type of dog is a dog with a variant of the khala is a little like fur and Chinese crested they have little feathers on its head that look like a Mohawk haircut, although cheniese has a crested head feathers a towering long. (chinese crested will be discussed in this article no 7 position)
Hairless khalla

2. Siberian Husky


Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized breed of dog and also a thick hairy. This is agroup of dog breeds of dogs that are not malignant, could even say too well to strangers who, though not its owner. In passing this dog resemble a Wolf, and many standard world race say the formation of the siberian husky in because the intersecting nature.
Aside from that the siberian Husky has a pretty fun for the man. This type of dog is a dog that can not be silent and very active. Friendly and gentle personality, is a form of the past who owned the dog, because when the first Chukchi very attentive community and compassion in keeping these dogs.
Country of origin: Alaska
Character: Active, friendly, gentle, friendly and fun
Feather: thick and dense

3. Affenpinscher




Affenpinscher is one of the toy dog breeds (dogs toys) the oldest came from Germany in 1600 ‘s. When the first dog is often utilized for hunting rodensia in farmland and also in houses.
This dog has the beauty of the feathers are black, gray, silver, beige, Brown, black or red. For the size of the body of the Affenpinscher has a height of about 2330 cm and body weights approximately 3-3.5 kg.
Physical characteristics of the dog are in his ears that are symmetrical and dense rough fur as well. On the feather, Affenpinscher has a length of approximately 1 inch and to the tail section and the butt tend to have shorter fur from the fur on his body.
Country of origin: Germany
Character: friendly, friendly, quiet, and not aggressive
Height: 23-30 cm
Weight: 3-3.5 kg
Feather: Dense and rugged

4. Belgian malinois


Belgian malinois


From the name alone, we already know that dogs of this type originated in Belgium.This dog is a group of shepherds, dogs that have characterized very similar to german shepherd dog breeds. For body size is medium, with a high body posture and also stout. This dog is a breed of dog that is very authoritative. Aside from that they are also highly trained and has the edge on the sense of smell and a very good instinct.
Country of origin: Belgium
Characters: Stout, authoritative, and clever hunting
Weight: 25 – 30 Kg
Time: age 10-14 years
Color: brownish-black

5. Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever


The beginning of the dog was developed as a hunting dog to fetch the bird hunting results that had already been shot. Once these dogs include a type of Retriever (takers) who find or get water birds or wild birds for hunters. Why is called golden? That’s because their golden feathers if seen in the Sun, so the dog is called a Golden Retriever.
Their intelligence is seen when taking animal hunting, they are not biting roughly. Because bird hunting results are given to hunters still looks very intact. His brilliance and intelligence make the Golden Retriever as a multipurpose dog this time. Among them, they are hired as bloodhounds drugs, hunting dogs, Rescue dog, and dog guide. His patient, friendly and always want to please any owner has made Golden Retriever as the most popular family dog in the world.
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Weight: 25 35 Kg
Character: smart, loyal, active and easily trained
The period of age: 10 – 12 years
Bristles: Are

6. Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound


This one is a dog breed hunting dogs from Afghanistan that rely on speed and sight on him. Historically, this dog is believed to have existed since the times of ancient Egypt because of the look of his painting that was found in one of the caves in Afghanistan, about 4000 years ago. This dog has originally utilized a man as Shepherd and Hunter other animals such as leopard and Wolf.
However, when these dogs deployed in Western countries in the 19th century, dogs of this type into a luxurious pet and are often also referred to as the “King of the dogs in the world. Physical characteristics of these dogs are lean, pelvic bones stand out, and high-bodied. Aside from that the size of the dog’s head is also quite long with dark eyes are oval. On the add, more dogs can also coexist well together with other pets.
Country of origin: Afghanistan
Character: active, adaptable and aggressive hunting,
Height: 61-73 cm
Weight: 20-27 pounds

7. Chinese crested


Chinese crested


One more dog fur Straits at least, as the name suggests this dog only has fur around the area of the head similar to the crest, almost all areas of the body are visible without fur. This dog originated in China, with a Chinese cold climate dogs require extra care doesn’t like other dogs. If you want a Chinese crested to observe at home then you need to spend the budget of $ 1300-$ 2100 based on the average price of, a fantastic price for a dog with a little fur.

8. Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu


This dog is the oldest of the original dog breeds were originally from China (china).This dog has a beautiful long fur with colors and interesting patterns in the feathers. Physical properties owned Shih Tzu part his furlong and cover the ears.
For the body of the dog is pretty solid with 4 feet short. In General, this dog has the nature of agile, smart, and have a good emotion. Historically these dogs used to be maintained by the Royal family in Manchu Dynasty of China.
However, when these dogs spread to the region of Europe, it turns out that many European nobles who are interested in maintaining this beautiful dog. Shih-Tzu dogCompanion is a very friendly with humans, in addition, they also pertained to in an animal who loves to socialize.
Country of origin: China
Weight: 4 – 7.25 kg
Height: 20 – 28 cm
Color: gold, light brown, dark brown, white and black
Lifetime: 14-18 years

9. Airedale Terrier


Airedale Terrier


These dogs originated from the United Kingdom, their group is a type of dog with the highest body size among other Terrier. Historically, this dog was deliberately developed to hunt foxes, otters, otters and badgers. In general these dogs can survive until the age of 13-14 years.
When the time of World War I and II, many military use dogs as carriers of ammunition, the Messenger dog, an ambulance, a guard dog and also patrol dog, and the dog’s last as exterminator nest rodensia (mouse).
Physical characteristics of these dogs are to have black fur, tail erect, muscular, gave birth to 5-10 tasty in one pregnancy, and weighs 2217 kg. Apart from that it also has dog hearing and eyesight are very good and sharp. They are known as a dog that has a bold and agile.
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Character: Courageous and agile
Weight: 22.317 kg
Fur: short and curly

10. Akita




For these dogs originate from Japan. This type of dog owners often used for hunting. Akita is also very good in the field of tracking, agility, and intelligence in dogs is often used as a dog race abroad.
But a shortage of these dogs are very sensitive to drugs such as a vaccine, insecticide, and is also often called a sedative or anesthetic.
Country of origin: Japan
Character: Vivacious, courageous, friendly, and sensitive
Weight: 45 59
Age past; 11-15 years
Color: Brown, white, and striped
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